Tie-Layer Resins are medical grade polymers grafted with maleic anhydride for optimal bondability.

Compounding Solutions' engineers developed a biomedical tie-layer resin, , to meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

Tie-layer resin designed for the medical device industry

The use of multi-layered films and tubing is common practice in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries. A multi-layer structure can be used to target various barrier properties and extend packaging shelf life. It is also beneficial by imposing different functionalities in catheter tubing. Materials with differing chemical compositions often result in suboptimal adhesion and possible delamination when coextruded directly. With ReZilok Rx, each layer can be bonded together for maximum functionality, despite containing different chemical structures. ReZilok Rx is for use in disposable Class I & Class II medical devices.


Coextruded tubings


Protective films for medical devices





For more information about ReZilok Rx, including properties, processing, and handling, please see the ReZilok Rx Brochure and the TDS & Process Guide.

Why should you use in your next project?


5-Day Lead Time

Compounding Solutions understands the high demands of the medical device industry. Our team is pleased to offer ReZilok Rx to you within a 5-day lead time.

Low minimum

10 lbs.

Compounding Solutions' ability to supply our tie-layer at such low orders quantities (10 lbs) reduces the barrier to entry when evaluating ReZilok Rx for R&D or medical device prototyping.

ISO 10993-5

Cytotoxicity Test Results

ReZilok Rx was designed to adhere to stringent medical device and pharmaceutical regulations. Development of ReZilok Rx included cytotoxicity testing against the requirements of ISO 10993-5 to confirm ReZilok Rx has no cytotoxic potential.

Secure Supply Chain

No Change Agreement

Compounding Solutions is the perfect partner for your medical device projects. No changes to ReZilok Rx will be made prior to a 12 month notification.

Offset to Current Product

ReZilok Rx is designed as a direct offset to current offerings available in the marketplace; however, it is specifically designed for usage in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Medical Solution

We stand by our recommendation of ReZilok for the highest quality in multi-layer tubing or film applications. Consult with your CS representative today to learn how ReZilok will prevent the risk of delamination in your current multi-layer application.

Compounding Solutions continues to invest in the improvement of biomedical materials to boost the performance and product life of medical devices. Our portfolio includes products like Defend Rx, an antimicrobial masterbatch; Mobilize, a lubricious additive; and ReZilok Rx, a tie layer.


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